From Good to Great: 5 Tips for Delicious Meatloaf/Meatballs

I love a tasty meatball coated with marinara sauce or a flavorful slice of meatloaf on a Wednesday night after work. I am not alone because one of the most common questions I receive from home cooks is: What can I do for a better-tasting meatloaf??  Well, here are 5 tips to delicious, moist meatloaf […]

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Weekly Meal Options

Hello Happy Cookers! This is one of my most popular dishes on the weekly meals menu: Moist and smoky-sweet BBQ Turkey Meatloaf accompanied by Creamy Mashed Cauliflower and Peas/Carrots with Dill.    Easy to heat and eat – a perfect weeknight treat! (Cauliflower recipe follows)   Print Creamy Mashed Cauliflower Author: Chef Donna Recipe type: Side Dish Cuisine: American […]

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California-Style Dirty Rice


Print California-Style Dirty Rice Author: Chef Donna Recipe type: Entree Cuisine: Cajun, California Fusion Prep time:  30 mins Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  1 hour Serves: 4-6   Looking for a new one-pot meal for your family? This colorful, flavorful and nutritious twist on a Crescent City classic has become a favorite of our Dinner Solutions clients in […]

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Chicken Under A Brick


Print Chicken Under A Brick Author: Chef Donna Recipe type: Main Cuisine: American Serves: 4-6   Be a show-off in the kitchen when you prepare this recipe with your cast iron pan and shiny-covered bricks. The results will turn basic chicken into an amazingly juicy and tender dish with oh-so-tasty crispy skin. Ingredients 1 3-to 4-pound whole chicken (fryer) […]

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Cooking with Whole Grains – Pinhead Oats


Print Pinhead Oat-Crusted Fish with Lemon Cream Author: Chef Donna Recipe type: Main Cuisine: American Serves: 4   Cooking with Whole Grains - This recipe is a tasty and creative way to make use of whole grains. Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter, divided 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large shallot, minced ½ cup white wine 1 cup heavy cream Zest […]

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Whole Grains

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about whole grains, but what exactly is a “whole” grain and how can you prepare them in enticing ways? Well, let’s try to demystify a bit. A grain consists of three main parts (which are found inside an inedible layer called a hull. Each part has its own nutritional characteristic: […]

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Backyard BBQ and California Fusion Recipe: Hawaiian Curry Fried Rice

Hawaiin Curry Rice

Print Backyard BBQ and California Fusion Recipe: Hawaiian Curry Fried Rice Author: Chef Donna Recipe type: Entree Cuisine: Hawaiian Serves: 4-6   Ingredients ⅓ cup of olive oil 2 tablespoons (or more to taste) of your favorite curry seasoning blend (I used Kaiulani’s Exotic Curry Medium) 2 tablespoons of minced garlic ⅓ cup of chopped cilantro leaves and stems […]

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