{slide=What areas do you service?}We service the Greater Los Angeles areas, including Culver City, West LA, Beverly Hills, Palisades, Malibu, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Long Beach, Sherman Oaks and other San Fernando Valley areas, Pasadena and more!{/slide}

{slide=Who benefits from the services of a Personal Chef?}

  • Anyone looking for help with a new food life style
  • Working Professionals
  • Those managing busy families
  • Individuals with special dietary needs
  • Older adults or those caring for an older adult
  • Expecting and New moms and dads
  • Party hosts interested in a new, easy way of entertaining at home


{slide=How affordable is a Personal Chef service?}Well, start by answering the following questions:

  • How much is your personal time worth?
  • How much is your health worth?
  • How much do you spend on take-out food and restaurants weekly? Monthly?
  • How much do you spend on unused or spoiled food that you purchased and planned to cook?
  • How much do you spend to celebrate special occasions at restaurants?
  • What is it worth to have your guests stay in for dinner without the shopping, prepping, cooking or cleaning?And don’t forget the gas, parking and waiting for tables.
  • Do you have particular tastes and dietary requirements that are often overlooked?

After doing the math, you can see that the personal and money-saving benefits of a personal chef service add up quickly! Chef Donna is ready to take your call, email and text to schedule your opportunity with Your Plate or Mine, Inc.  {/slide}

{slide=What is your cooking style?}The best title to give our style of cooking is Contemporary Casual Cuisine. Our technique, rooted in classic French cuisine and influenced by many cultures, focuses on fresh, quality ingredients and the development of deep flavor.  We embrace family food traditions and approach the preparation in multiple ways, like traditional, infused with ethnic and international  flavors and adapted for personalized nutrition.{/slide}

{slide=Do you accommodate special diets?}Our chefs are trained to plan menus and prepare meals that meet the needs of several dietary requests that include:


{slide=Do you have menus from which we order?}Yes, we do have menus from previous successful events, but because we are Your Plate or Mine, we can personalize each menu to meet your food mood and special accommodations. And absolutely yes, we can prepare your family’s favorite recipes!{/slide}

{slide=How do you charge?}For Dinner Solutions Packages, Your Plate or Mine charges a chef fee for related services plus the cost of groceries that are charged for reimbursement at actual cost. The exception is for daily service where a flat hourly rate is charged for related services plus the cost of groceries.

For parties and classes, Your Plate or Mine charges an all-inclusive fee based on the menu and number of guests.{/slide}

{slide=Who buys the groceries?}We will shop for the groceries for each menu, which is mainly fresh meat/poultry/seafood, produce and specialty ingredients; general pantry items are usually included. You also have the choice of shopping for groceries based on the selected menu.

Another popular option – We have clients who enjoying shopping but not cooking.  We can create and prepare menus based on whatever is in your refrigerator or freezer! {/slide}

{slide=Where do you shop for groceries?}Our chefs shop at all major grocery stores depending on the ingredient list, including Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, Santa Monica Seafood, Ralphs, Pavillons, Sprouts, Fresh and Easy, Penzeys Spices, local Farmer’s Markets and other specialty stores.

We are label readers!! We make sure the ingredients are beneficial to your personal nutritional goals. We purchase locally sourced, natural and/or organic, non-GMO products, as well as wild-caught fish and seafood as much as possible.{/slide}

{slide=Do you cater parties?}As personal chefs, we prepare all food on-site and we typically cater for smaller, more intimate parties in your home or other small venue.  We often work out a “cook and go” menu where we prepare all food and set-up for you to serve during the event.

We can accommodate larger events where multiple day preparation and/or a commercial kitchen is needed. Please contact us to discuss your specific event plans.{/slide}

{slide=Why should we hire Your Plate or Mine?}I believe our culinary work stands out because of our passion for personalized cooking. Each of the chefs with YPOM practices the following guidelines to make every event a success:

  • Always prepare awesome-tasting food! Always!!
  • Let your personality shine; Happy Chefs make great food!
  • Cater to the client, cater to the client, cater to the client!